Great Ways to Reach Your Congregation

Great Ways to Reach Your CongregationAre you a church leader and looking for great ways to reach your congregation? There are many things you can do.

First, you may consider what can do for you. The name says it all, this is a service that streams live church meetings. If you are the head of a congregation and looking for something new you might find this interesting. There is a different, inexpensive monthly price that is determined based on the number of individuals that are a part of your congregation. Many church leaders have mentioned liking the ability to reach more people through an on air broadcast. Furthermore that the company is friendly, helpful, and fast at responding to issues and/or needs. If you are even the littlest bit intrigued, give them a call today.

Second, it is important to understand that you can’t reach your congregation alone. Look for members of the congregation who are leaders and ask them to join with you in discussions and brainstorming of how you can better connect and reach out to the members in your congregation. You want to build energy in your congregation and that happens through good and strong cohesiveness among the group. You want members who are excited about coming to church and listening to what you have to say. You want to form a good relationship with your members so that they trust you. Attend educational opportunities and team building workshops with your group that you form so that you can all learn and grow together.

In terms of actual preaching to your congregation make sure you offer services at times that are conducive for individuals to attend. Consider something during the week in the evening or on a Saturday or Sunday morning when most people aren’t working. In addition to paying attention to the scheduling needs of your congregation, keep in mind that individuals have different learning styles. Some people are more hands-on learners while others are more auditory or visual. Mix up your service structure to accommodate for different styles of learning so that you reach every member in your audience. This consideration will show that you care about everyone and want everyone to learn and get a good takeaway message from the service. Along the same lines, make sure to break up topics and issues you discuss.

Don’t overwhelm your congregation about only one topic for weeks on end. Take the most pressing issues being faced and give each issue proper time and spotlight. This will help to keep your congregation engaged and not stop coming because they feel you are just going to talk about the same topic again. Talk about things that are applicable to your people. By gathering a group of leaders from your congregation, you can discuss what these pressing issues are that your congregation is facing and that would be good to discuss. You want to make your service relevant to people. They need to connect to the teachings. A final way to reach your congregation is by planning regular events so the members feel like they are a part of something. These could be simple like picnics or plan for group service projects. People like to feel a part of a good cause. So take time to sit down and think of the best way to reach your particular congregation today!