Holiday Lighting Tips

deck-lightingThe holidays are a joyous time. As the days grow shorter, people look to light up their homes and businesses. Effective holiday lighting can look both elegant and pretty at the same time. When thinking about holiday lighting, it is a good idea to plan out in advance and figure out what will work for any given space. What may be ideal for one house may not quit work for another. The same is true for a business. Thoughtful commerical outdoor lighting for the holidays can help draw in customers and create an air of truly welcoming festivity.

When thinking about outdoor lighting of any kind, accurate measurements are essential. Accurate measurements will help determine where each light should be placed as well as how to space each light from any other lights that are being used in a particular area. The important aspect of any lighting design is to make sure that the lighting in question is well chosen for the specific space one has in mind. Each light should be placed a reasonable distance from any other lights that are being used in outside.

Various types of lighting are also ideal. A small series of lights across each window can help create an effect that is both subtle and elegant at the same time. The lights may be all of one color or of different colors. Lights of a single color tend to look best in smaller spaces while lights in multiple colors tend to look best in larger spaces. Many people opt for outdoor lighting that combines the two in order to help create a sense of welcome and delineate separate outdoor spaces for each area.

The size of the lights are also important. Small strings of lights can be used as well as larger individual lights. Using those kinds of lights in a space can help people line the walkway and provide people with a means of seeing the path to the door more easily. This is useful in areas that get a lot of snow and ice each year. A well illuminated path can help people avoid accidents and see the front door of the store or home more clearly even on cold and snowy days.

In general, when planning out lighting ideas, it is also best to stick to a few basic color such as white, blue and red. The colors may be used to coordinate with other decorations that are also being used at the same time such as tinsel, wreaths and trees.