Motorcycle Accidents Checklist

sj8Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. It can be alarming and often devastating when this happens. What one can do when motorcycle accidents take place is remain clam and make sure to take the following steps.

The first and foremost thing one should do in case of a motorcycle accident is relocate all the individuals with minor bruises, cuts and scrapes, to a safe place and prevent further collisions or injuries. If the individuals are not getting the medical attention they need in the first place, there is no point in solving the issue. Again note that, removing the injured person when the injuries are life threatening is dangerous to do and against the law as well.

Call 911 immediately or ask someone to call following the accident and make sure to specify the exact location of the incident. Some victims may be suffering from internal injuries from the impact, so it is best to avoid treating the victims yourself and wait for the emergency response team to arrive. In other words, do not assume that the injuries are light based on the appearance.

Sometimes motorcycle accidents may not be severe except for the damage of the vehicle. In such cases, be ready to gather all the information of the person involved in the accident. This includes the driver’s license, vehicle registration, insurance policy and relevant information of the other party. For accidents involving property damage, make sure to gather information from any eyewitness if possible. In addition, ensure to gather written statements from everyone around detailing the accident, step by step. Sometimes, details in writing may not be sufficient and can be forgotten or mixed up in a hurry. To avoid these errors, take pictures of the accident site. Try to include all the aspects of the crash which may alter or totally disappear once the response team arrives. Also note the weather and road conditions during the time of the accident as well as the position of the vehicles.

Every individual involved in a minor motorcycle accident should only discuss the incident with the police or relevant authority at the scene. Again, never admit your fault anywhere, instead stick to the facts and let the team work on finding the faults through gathered evidences and eyewitnesses. Do not resist arrest in any case and refrain giving serious statements to the police in the absence of a motorcycle accident attorney like Siegfried and Jensen who will direct you on the right actions. Contact insurance company after speaking to the attorney or police. Notifying the insurance can let you submit claims on time without hassles. All claims should be documented accordingly as well and furnished with proofs and paperwork as required.