Review of the Motorola Moto X

Review of the Motorola Moto XChances are in today’s day and age and with the advancements in technology, you have a cell phone. You use it all day every day as this technology has invaded our homes, work, restaurants, theaters, and even our bedrooms. Talk about overkill sometimes. If you sit down and think about it the technology increases in the past 10 years even has been incredible. Although it seems like an eternity ago, all we had was land lines. Cell phones didn’t exist. Then cell phones started coming out on the market but the were large, bulky, and really could be described as bricks. I’m sure you can think back to your first cell phone and remember how big and bulky it was, and chances are that it even had an antenna. Then cell phones started gaining more popularity and changing shape and form. They became smaller, with some of them more like a traditional phone and open, while others turned into flip phones. Then as the technology grew and increased even more new stuff started coming out such as texting, and now the huge emergence of smart phones where we have touchtone screens and the internet on our phone. They have gotten to the point where they have completely made the computer obsolete if you wanted. All in all, pretty incredible if you ask me.

What are some top cell phones out there in the market today? The Motorola Droid Maxx, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Apple Iphone 5S, Google Nexus 5, Sony Xperia Z1 Compact, and Nokia Lumia Icon are among the top contenders. What about something that isn’t necessarily recognized as a top phone, but still is a great option? The Motorola Moto X is a prime example. If you aren’t familiar with this device it is where Motorola and Google have come together. A little while ago, about a year, Google acquired Motorola and this device was born as a result. It was meant for a focus on battery life, contextual services and easy use with just one hand.

All major American cell phone carriers have this phone including: Verizon, ATT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Some positive attributes of this phone are that it is an Android which is popular these days, it is compact, it provides an all-day battery life experience, it isn’t bulgy for the individual carrying it in their pocket and there are clever apps and enhancements. It even has a bit of an edge on the new Iphone C because of the extensive color options it comes in. If you can think of the color, it probably comes in it. Not to mention it coming in some unique patterns such as wood paneling resembling that of an old time station wagon! Talk about vintage right there! Some of the downsides are that it has an inconsistent camera and there’s no removable storage or 64GB option so storage is an issue. Also it only has a dual core processor and 720p screen. This is not as great as what the HTC One and Galaxy S4 offer. However it is a good phone, and if you are in the market for a cover, there are plenty of awesome moto x covers out there for you to choose between.